General Resolution: Altering package upload rules

Time Line

Proposal and amendment Thursday, 8th February, 2007 Friday, 9th February, 2007
Discussion Period: Saturday, 10th February, 2007 Saturday, 3rd March, 2007
Voting Period Sunday, 4th March, 00:00:00 UTC, 2007 Sunday, 18th March, 00:00:00 UTC, 2007


Bill Allombert []


  1. Mike Hommey []
  2. Sam Hocevar []
  3. Julien Danjou []
  4. Aurelien Jarno []
  5. Pierre Machard []
  6. Wesley J Landaker []


Choice 1. The actual text of the resolution is as follows. Please note that this does not include preludes, prologues, any preambles to the resolution, post-ambles to the resolution, abstracts, fore-words, after-words, rationales, supporting documents, opinion polls, arguments for and against, and any of the other important material you will find on the mailing list archives. Please read the debian-vote mailing list archives for details.

General Resolution: Altering package upload rules

The Debian project resolves that Debian developers allowed to perform combined source and binary packages uploads should be allowed to perform binary-only packages uploads for the same set of architectures.


With the current list of voting developers, we have:

 Current Developer Count = 1037
 Q ( sqrt(#devel) / 2 ) = 16.1012421881046
 K min(5, Q )           = 5
 Quorum  (3 x Q )       = 48.3037265643138


Data and Statistics

For this GR, as always statistics shall be gathered about ballots received and acknowledgements sent periodically during the voting period. Additionally, the list of voters would be made publicly available. Also, the tally sheet may also be viewed after to voting is done (Note that while the vote is in progress it is a dummy tally sheet).

Majority Requirement

The proposal needs simple majority.



Graphical rendering of the results

In the graph above, any pink colored nodes imply that the option did not pass majority, the Blue is the winner. The Octagon is used for the options that did not beat the default.

In the following table, tally[row x][col y] represents the votes that option x received over option y. A more detailed explanation of the beat matrix may help in understanding the table. For understanding the Condorcet method, the Wikipedia entry is fairly informative.

The Beat Matrix
  1 2
Option 1   132
Option 2 116  

Looking at row 2, column 1, Further Discussion
received 116 votes over I support the proposal

Looking at row 1, column 2, I support the proposal
received 132 votes over Further Discussion.

Pair-wise defeats

The Schwartz Set contains

The winner

Debian uses the Condorcet method for voting. Simplistically, plain Condorcets method can be stated like so :
Consider all possible two-way races between candidates. The Condorcet winner, if there is one, is the one candidate who can beat each other candidate in a two-way race with that candidate. The problem is that in complex elections, there may well be a circular relationship in which A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A. Most of the variations on Condorcet use various means of resolving the tie. See Cloneproof Schwartz Sequential Dropping for details. Debian's variation is spelled out in the constitution, specifically, A.6.

Manoj Srivastava