Debian Security Advisory

DSA-3846-1 libytnef -- security update

Date Reported:
09 May 2017
Affected Packages:
Security database references:
In Mitre's CVE dictionary: CVE-2017-6298, CVE-2017-6299, CVE-2017-6300, CVE-2017-6301, CVE-2017-6302, CVE-2017-6303, CVE-2017-6304, CVE-2017-6305, CVE-2017-6306, CVE-2017-6800, CVE-2017-6801, CVE-2017-6802.
More information:

Several issues were discovered in libytnef, a library used to decode application/ms-tnef e-mail attachments. Multiple heap overflows, out-of-bound writes and reads, NULL pointer dereferences and infinite loops could be exploited by tricking a user into opening a maliciously crafted winmail.dat file.

For the stable distribution (jessie), these problems have been fixed in version 1.5-6+deb8u1.

For the upcoming stable (stretch) and unstable (sid) distributions, these problems have been fixed in version 1.9.2-1.

We recommend that you upgrade your libytnef packages.