Chapter 5. Issues to be aware of for bullseye

Table of Contents

5.1. Upgrade specific items for bullseye
5.2. Limitations in security support
5.3. Package specific issues

Sometimes, changes introduced in a new release have side-effects we cannot reasonably avoid, or they expose bugs somewhere else. This section documents issues we are aware of. Please also read the errata, the relevant packages' documentation, bug reports, and other information mentioned in Section 6.1, “Further reading”.

5.1. Upgrade specific items for bullseye

This section covers items related to the upgrade from buster to bullseye.

5.2. Limitations in security support

There are some packages where Debian cannot promise to provide minimal backports for security issues. These are covered in the following subsections.


The package debian-security-support helps to track the security support status of installed packages.

5.3. Package specific issues

In most cases, packages should upgrade smoothly between buster and bullseye. There are a small number of cases where some intervention may be required, either before or during the upgrade; these are detailed below on a per-package basis.