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最近十期的 Debian 计划快讯:

2022/07/16 Welcome to the DPN, DebConf22 underway, bookworm freeze dates, DSAs, News on Debian releases, Elections and votes, Outreach, Events, Reports, Contributors
2021/03/18 Welcome to the DPN, DPL, Freeze Softly, Secure GRUB2, Homeworld Theme, RC Bugs, Website update, APT2.2, QEMU, mime types, rust-coreutils, debuginfod, Google and Debian, Freexian funding, New signing keys, BSPs, and Contributors.
2020/09/09 Welcome to the DPN, Debian Communication channels, New DPL, Internal and External news, DebConf20 and events, Reports, and Calls for Help
2019/07/01 Welcome to the DPN, Debian 9.9 released, Release of Buster planned, New DPL, Events, Reports, Calls for Help, More than just code, RC bug report, Quick Links from Debian Social Media
2018/12/11 Welcome to the DPN, Debian 9.6 released, Package Salvaging, Reproducible Builds joins the Software Conservancy, Rust available on 14 Architectures, CTTE decision, Upcoming freeze timeline, Bits from the Anti-Harassment Team, Buster PSP coming up, Reports, Calls for Help, More than just code, Quick Links from Debian Social Media
2018/08/31 Welcome to the DPN, Happy 25th Anniversary Debian!, Debian 9.5 and 8.11 released, Alioth Migration to Salsa, Debian Data Protection Team, New features of Debian Package Tracker, Debian Policy released, Reports, Calls for Help, More than just code, Quick Links from Debian Social Media
2018/06/07 Debian 9.4 released, EOL for Debian 8, Policy, Alioth Migration, Reports and Discussions
2018/02/28 Welcome to the DPN, Debian 9.3 and 8.10 released, build service, Debsources now in, Outreachy and GSoC, Misc Developer News, New and noteworthy packages, Events (including DebConf18 in Hsinchu, DebConf19 in Curitiba), Reports, Help needed, More than just code, Quick Links from Debian Social Media
2017/11/09 Debian 9 更新:9.2 发布,Buster 中 OpenSSL 1.0 和 Qt4 的删除,FTP 服务关闭,DebConf 邮件列表移动至,在古巴举办的 MiniDebConf,外部新闻:可重现构建(Reproducible Builds)2017 峰会,GitLab 切换至 DCO,Debian 社交媒体上的快速链接
2017/09/20 Debian Installer Buster Alpha 1 release, The future of Alioth, Outreachy, Debian Mini-event in FTSL (Brazil), BSP in Salzburg, Toulouse and Cambridge MiniDebConfs, Reports: Debian Day 2017 in Brazil and the rest of the world - Help needed: Spreading the word about Debian Astro 1.0, devscripts, Debian theme for documentation - Contributors: New translation team: Albanian - Outside News: Public Money, Public Code, Videos in Portuguese from Free Software Events

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